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Glonass Center is a new, dynamic company in the market of the Southern Federal District, which provides services GLONASS monitoring of vehicles of different categories

  • trucking;
  • ridership;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • passenger;


GLONASS monitoring of transport is a satellite navigation system which allows in online, track the status and territorial location of your fleet with the help of a special device that is installed directly into the vehicle. This device is a versatile and has the following specifications:

  • On-line monitoring (support continuous communication with the server), "Stealth-Mode" (out on bond on a schedule), off-line monitoring (upload the saved archive via USB);
  • Connect up to 4 digital DUT;
  • The ability to connect the camcorder to the setting of continuous shooting and event;
  • Perfect portrayal of the track of the car even at low signal from the satellite;
  • Send images to the server via GPRS and save to microSD- map;
  • Possibility of connection navigator Garmin;
  • Two Way Voice GSM-connection between the driver manager;
  • Sending monitoring data simultaneously on 2 servers;
  • The "Answering machine" to automatically declare a stop-bus;
  • Ability to specify custom settings data roaming internationally (reducing the cost of GPRS-traffic);
  • Alarm and remote engine starting;
  • Built-in non-volatile memory to store up to 58,000 points, and by using a microSD card up to 5,000,000 points.
  • CAN-interface (J1939, FMS, J1979, OBD II, and 29-and 11-bit identifier) and a built-in scanner, CAN-bus;
  • Remote update the device software via GSM-network;
  • Setting via SMS, GPRS, USB;
  • Easy setup of the device through the Configurator;
  • Detailed drawing of the corners, with no extra points on the straight track;
  • Determination of impact and vehicle inclination.

Provided the equipment has all necessary certificates relevant Russian legislation, including orders №285.

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