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слежение за автомобилем спецслужбы сельхозтехника строительство
такси транспорт ТКХ грузоперевозки защита от угона

The Glonass monitoring using different hardware and software to collect a variety of information about the location of transport, speed, direction and condition of additional sensors of vehicle. All information is displayed on the PC screen in visual form, and also can be displayed as reports or the current state of the vehicle or in the intervening period.

    Satellite monitoring system consists of two parts:
  1. The object part – is a set of equipment which allows to monitor the vehicle. This equipment call "tracker". "Glonass Center" works with two types of trackers: Glonass-only trackers and universal GPS/Glonass trackers which use Glonass and GPS sattelite signals.
  2. The central part –  consists of the most modern servers and specialized software. This part provide collection data from the Glonass devices, processing information and subsequent storage in the database, as well as all information displayed at electronic maps in the intended form of end users system.


How does the system Glonass - monitoring work? First of all we should tip that the GLONASS satellites move in near- Earth orbits, while keeping a constant speed. Satellites themselves send information to Earth with some frequency,  containing its own identifier, the place on which they now pass on, the time and location calculation. To send it, each satellite has its own personal hi-accurate clock.

Trekker, recieving signals from the satellite immediately starts to determine the difference and time latency of signals to calculate the distance between trackers to the satellite. According to data obtained by the tracker determines your location, the direction and speed it being taken in. All the information that the tracker independently calculate, it keeps the internal memory and than send all the data to the central part of the system.

If it's the company must have a large or small fleet by the nature of employment, then it faces a huge challenge associated with the control of drivers and freight forwarder while the fleet is growing. Immediately, the head of company got the question - what to do? Increase the number of employees in the logistics for this is not the best way because try to control drivers by distance is almost impossible.

Glonass- monitoring allows you to look through all the movements of your workers on electronic map. Total control provides over the fuel load of the vehicle and other vehicle parameters. All data on the movement of transport are automatically stored in the database "Glonass Center." All controllers in your organization have access to the information of the server, where they can generate waybills, as well as stored in the database visit reports monitored all the necessary waypoints.

Our system Glonass - Monitoring is a hardware - software system. In order to determine the current status of vehicles we use satellite navigation system Glonass

If the vehicle is hijacked, it can be traced, by setting the GLONASS system - monitoring. You can also mount the sensors opening doors and trunk or discharge and the battery is disconnected. For example, you also have to set boundaries for the use of the car and when he crosses these limitations, the dispatcher immediately receives an alarm signal to the terminal itself.


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